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Netherland legislators have proposed banning the sale of all gas and diesel vehicles by 2025.

On a per-capita level, the country already has the second-most plug-in electric vehicles of any country, behind only Norway, the Globe and Mail reports.

But fully-electric vehicles there currently make up just 1.4% of sales.

A majority of the lower house in the Dutch parliament supports the motion, ScienceAlert says. The country's executive cabinet must now come up with a plan to implement the proposal, the Globe and Mail says.

Existing fossil-fuel-based vehicles could continue to operate until their engines give out, according to the plan.


Conservative party members say the motion is unrealistic, insisting that at most 15% of all sold cars could be completely electric in 2025.

‚ÄúIt seems crazy to get this plan to work,‚ÄĚ Henk Kamp, the party's economic affairs chief¬†said.

But the liberal party insists its feasible.

"We are ambitious, perhaps other parties are less so‚ÄĚ, PvdA party leader Diederik Samsom said according to the NL TIMES.


Of note: Netherlands is already on its way toward turning its roads into solar panels.

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