Rémi Fraisse, a 21-year-old French environmental activist, died protesting a dam project early Sunday morning when he was apparently hit in the back with a grenade allegedly thrown by police. The French minister of the interior denied that the grenade was thrown by a cop, and called the protesters' allegation a "politicization" of Fraisse's death.

Whether the grenade was tossed¬†by police or not, the issue has become a political flashpoint.¬†C√©cile Duflot, a former housing minister and member of the opposition party, condemned the Green Party for letting two days pass with ‚Äúnot a single member of the government‚ÄĚ offering condolences to Fraisse's¬†family.

Fraisse was part of a group protesting the Sivens Dam project in the Tarn region. Opponents of the project say it's benefits are limited to a handful of farmers and it will destroy a reservoir of biodiversity. Those promoting the project say the dam is in the public interest as it will ensure irrigation and the development of high-value crops.