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This is how the works works these days: You go on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and narrate some funny animal videos in a segment called Plizzanet Earth with Snoop Dogg, the internet loves it and creates a petition for you to narrate an entire season of the popular nature series "Planet Earth" (it gets more than 65,000 signatures), and then you decide to create your own animal video web series on Merry Jane, a cannabis and culture site.

At least that's how it works if you're Snoop Dogg and you're starting a series called "Planet Snoop," which launched on Thursday with a video of a squirrel fighting a snake.

At the beginning of the video Snoop thinks out loud "this is an easy win for the snake," but after the snake fails to properly fight back and the squirrel gets all…squirrely…he decides if the little guy can "bust a nut, you know he can bust a snake head open, no problem."

Merry Jane calls Snoop "everyone's favorite nature-documentary narrator," a title esteemed filmmaker and naturalist David Attenborough—narrator of the Emmy Award-winning BBC nature series "Planet Earth"—might take issue with.


However, Snoop is highly entertaining (at least in 2-minute spurts) and Attenborough must be used to armchair environmentalists getting carried away with the often stunning and mesmerizing content of his programs…not to mention the added cerebral enhancements provided by any nearby bongs, vaporizers, edibles, joints, or however else people get stoned these days.

If there is one complaint, it's that the first episode uses a laugh track (which may be part of the original video Snoop's narrating over). Either way it's unnecessary and distracting. We can already hear the other voices laughing inside our heads.