Aaron Sherinian, vice-president of communications and public relations for the UN Foundation, says millennials' impatience about the problems of climate change is an impetus for change.

Millennials, he said, are the first generation that aren't wasting their time debating whether climate change is a reality; they're focused on finding solutions and results.

"They're not patient; they shouldn't be," Sherinian says. Millennials know "scary things are happening" and they're eager to fix the problem, Sherinian says.

"I think the millennial generation's hunger for actionable solutions is what could drive us further than ever before," he said.

Credit: Additional producing - Lara Fernandez, Editor - Dino Pascarelli

Nicolás Ibargüen is an environmentalist and director of the Planet Initiative of the Americas Business Council Foundation, an organization that supports innovative social and environmental impact projects.


He is the environmental Correspondent for Fusion and Univision.

Nicolás organizes expeditions and events with world leaders to raise awareness about our relationship with the planet. He produced the award-winning documentary “Amazon Gold” and he is a board member of NRDC’s Voces Verdes and the Humane Society International. He was the Editor and Publisher of Poder Magazine.