Sri Lankan-born conservation scientist M. Sanjayan has been working for years to get people to understand a very simple truism that bears repeating: People need nature to survive.

That axiom is the central pillar of his organization, Conservation International, which gently reminds people that we as people need Mother Nature more than she needs us.


"Nature, ultimately, can go on just fine without us; it's been on the planet for billions of years," he said.

"We desperately need nature," he added. "Saving nature is really about saving ourselves."

Climate change, Sanjayan says, is a curious challenge. Humans (most of them, anyhow) know the challenge is coming and understand the solutions. But getting to action is the tricky part.


"The biggest tragedy is not that we didn't act, but that we knew and didn't act," he says.

Credit: Additional producing - Lara Fernandez, Editor - Dino Pascarelli

Nicolás Ibargüen is an environmentalist and director of the Planet Initiative of the Americas Business Council Foundation, an organization that supports innovative social and environmental impact projects.

He is the environmental Correspondent for Fusion and Univision.

Nicolás organizes expeditions and events with world leaders to raise awareness about our relationship with the planet. He produced the award-winning documentary “Amazon Gold” and he is a board member of NRDC’s Voces Verdes and the Humane Society International. He was the Editor and Publisher of Poder Magazine.